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To be a leading data and education led business in the world, solving African problems with African solutions. 

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About the founder

Thabo Isaac Serame holds a Lean Kanban Postgraduate Certification for Senior Managers from Lean Kanban University Dublin (UK),  Bachelors in Organizational Psychology (Wits); Honours Economic Anthropology (Wits) and Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Wits Business School).

Thabo Serame is an award-winning entrepreneurship education leader, who has vested his energy for just over 8 years in developing the youth of South Africa and Africa at large through various initiatives working with organizations such as YLED, WITS, EY, INVESTEC, ABSA, and related organizations. Through the above, Thabo decided to run his own learning and development center and ensure that he develops a solid advisory firm that will enable training providers to be serviced in line with global standards of training and education at large. Moreover, Thabo Serame serves as a YLED NPO Board Member and Director of Finance for YLED, and through the organization, they have managed to produce over 20 000 youth leaders who are doing incredibly well in academia, entrepreneurship and through their various employment journeys.

In business, Thabo Serame is a seasoned management consultant who has spent over 5 years working with different clients from various sectors, including education, banking, insurance, real estate, food and beverages, and data. And through this journey, he has managed to succinctly identify critical problems, define and design solutions and significantly drive change and grow these organizations towards their desired success.

As an entrepreneur, Thabo Serame kicked off his journey way back when he was just in grade 9 starting his very own technology company and he has since moved to run an events business,  a student accommodation business called IDS STUDENT RESIDENCES; tourism and shuttle business (IDS SHUTTLES); and recently IDS EATS a food and beverages business based in the infamous streets of Orlando West (Vilakazi Street). Over and above this, he has been recently contributing to a business, finance and leadership contributor on UJ FM aiming towards empowering young people to understand these worlds and become incredible and well vest leaders.

Brand SA, WITS, JASA, EY Ambassador| Game Plan SABC 2 Judge| One Day Leader Judge

  • THE IDS HOLDINGS is a level BBBEE advisory firm, that specializes in creating innovative solutions for small to large scale businesses and organizations.

    Through our experience in management consulting, banking and real estate, we believe that we have summed up the right skills, knowledge and experience to solution smart, innovative and impact-driven solutions that adds meaningful value to your business.


    THE IDS HOLDINGS focusses specifically on providing data led solutions for your business. This includes, designing your data strategy, data environment, designing intelligence for your business and ensuring that we use different tools and techniques for you to consume your own data in a fast and meaningful manner.

Our Services

Business Analysis ( SLA/OLAs, BRDs and Business Cases)

Management Information/ Business Intelligence (KVDs, Reporting, etc)

Data Analytics (Modelling and other related elements)

Data Migrations (Data Explorations, Data Sourcing, Mapping and overall migrations)

Data Standards & Quality Management (Policy documents, etc)

Data Visualization (telling stories using visualization tools)

Project Management (PMO)

Change Management (Execution of your various projects)

Fee Structure

Our professional fee structure is based on:

  • Costs drivers will be costed in line with the budget for the defined project deliverables

  • Training cost will be considered in the pre and post delivery of the project

  • Scope creep may impact the project timeline resulting in a review of the professional fee structure which may have a positive or negative net effect.

  •  A project management pack will be signed in order to ensure that we are committed to the successful delivery of the project.

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